I love creating fantastical worlds with dark layers and sharing them with people who would brave the truth. My debut fantasy, The Queen’s Viper, was a Semi-Finalist in the 2016 Kindle Book Awards. If you like your fantasy so realistic you feel like you’re there, I’m sure you’ll love this grimdark blend of historical and contemporary fantasy. 2017 sees the launch of book #2 in the series: The Wrath of Atticus.

I’m also an author with The Ed Greenwood Group. Sword and sorcery features in Stormtalons, the setting for my story, The Tower of Egizii, in Onder Magazine.

I’d love to introduce you to Viper and more of my speculative fiction for free.

I’m a Canadian ER nurse, hobby medievalist, mother to a son with special needs, and an often companionable wife.

 For media requests email: lesleydonaldson@bell.net. Please include MEDIA in the subject line.

My Creative Writing Appears On:

Ontario Writer’s Conference Story Starter Contest: September

“This overcast day screams for bubbles. It stopped raining. Rain, or tears from heaven? It doesn’t matter now. I watch the wisps of liquid sunshine floating on the delicate spheres. When they disappear, I take another deep breath and pause. Slippery coolness envelopes my clubbed fingers. How many more breaths do I have left? Exhaled into a tiny prison, my breath is freed from its cage. The wind spirits my life away. Past pedestrians in the morning rush, it kisses a red car. My last dance. The bubble pops, delivering my gift to another soul.”
©2014 Lesley Donaldson

Ontario Writer’s Conference Story Starter Contest: October

“Today, I start the countdown. Enough warnings. When first I let my children loose among my gardens, they prospered. Each generation brought a deeper insight into the learning of those who went before. There was, I remember, a time of peace. Under my watchful guidance, they filled the aching expanse. How I loved them, my seeds of inspiration. Yet now they dredge the last ounces of my veins. Seek not the stars to escape my tempest. I shall wash your sins away with my bounteous tears. We will begin anew, your surviving grasses making lush the dryness of my heart.”
©2014  Lesley Donaldson


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Growing a Rainbow is in the collection of these libraries:

Kitchener Public Library

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City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library

Huron County Library


Contact The Library Services Centre or purchase directly from the Aquhorthies Publishing to put Growing a Rainbow in your library collection.


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