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I’m thrilled to host RJ Mirabal for the Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt, author of heroic fantasy stories Rio Grande Parallax Series.

Imagine an epic struggle between warring clans set on the sprawling terrain of an enchanted high desert river valley. The Rio Grande Parallax Series takes place in the Middle Rio Grande River Valley of New Mexico and the Valle Abajo, a magical, ancient alternative valley isolated from the world we occupy.

A select individuals have the ability to pass through the Portal from the South Valley of Albuquerque, NM, into the Valle Abajo. Only they can lead the more peaceful clans of the Valle to fight a reign of terror wrought by the scheming, evil Soreyes.

Enter that world of amazing magic, gritty adventure, mystery, and passion through the pages of the Rio Grande Parallax Series.

Book One: The Tower of Il Serrohe


Wrenched from a deteriorating lifestyle when his promiscuous wife kicked him out, anti-hero Don Vargas rents a dilapidated casita which – unknown to him – is actually a portal to another world. The bat, Nightwing, lures Vargas takes through a dusty portal on a Southwest contemporary fantasy quest into the Valle Abajo, where local clans people expect him to save them from the wily Soreyes’ mysterious Tower.

Will Don find purpose to his pointless life? Will he find love and friendship in a place he wouldn’t have believed possible? Where will his next beer come from?

Book Two: Extreme Dust Storms May Exist

Extreme Dust Storms May Exist RJ Mirabal

Five years after the final events of The Tower of Two Serrohe, Esther, a sixteen-year-old honor student athlete, suffers a mysterious accident and dreams of a valley much like her Rio Luna home. Yet, it is ominously different. A bat repeatedly slams his body against her window during a powerful wind- storm and she hears a whispering in the darkness.

The bat is Nightwing, who persuades Esther to use her intelligence and resourcefulness to drive away the Soreyes from the Valle Abajo—the valley of her dreams.

However, new dangers threaten and a mysterious presence lurks in the background as the saga of the Rio Grande Parallax continues.

Book Three: Zero Visibility Possible


The 44 adventure intensifies to a breakneck pace on to the shocking conclusion of the Parallax series. Unpredictable and impossible odds face companies of comrades who have traveled far seeking answers to mysteries. The first company on the Saddle of the Mountains of the Sky, and the second, a hundred miles to the west on the barren Malpais. Both face deadly enemies and new enigmas.

Back in Rio Luna, Esther’s mysterious disappearance continues to confound her parents and her friend, Markey. In the Valle, though, questions surrounding Don are resolved. Meanwhile, the Soreyes heap new terrors on the clanspeople. Will the travelers return in time? Facing challenges far more insurmountable than bringing down the Tower of Il Serrohe, can the hapless clanspeople dare hope for freedom?

Excerpt from Zero Visibility Possible: “Zero Teaser!”

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Black Rose Writing (Tower of Il Serrohe, print version, On Sale!)
Black Rose Writing (Extreme Dust Storms May Exist, print version)
Amazon (Tower of Il Serrohe)
Amazon (Extreme Dust Storms May Exist)
Barnes & Noble (Tower of Il Serrohe)
Barnes & Noble (Extreme Dust Storms May Exist)
Smashwords (Tower of Il Serrohe)
Smashwords (Extreme Dust Storms May Exist)

Signed copy from the author or other questions, email: rjmirabal@gmail.com

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RJ Mirabal has lived in the Middle Rio Grande Valley for most of his life. Recognized with awards for his teaching, RJ is now retired, pursues writing and music while volunteering with various organizations. The Tower of Il Serrohe (Finalist in two thousand and thirteen New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards) is his debut novel and Book I of The Rio Grande Parallax series. Extreme Dust Storms May Exist, Book II (2015), and Zero Visibility Possible, Book III (summer 2016).

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