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Selected Inspirations: The Queen’s Viper. Book One of the V’braed

Books (all years/time periods)

Letters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland. J. B. Nichols and Sons, Printers. London. Printed for The Camden Society

Medieval English Medicine, Stanley Rubin, 1974, David & Charles Ltd

Medieval Holidays & Festivals: A Calendar of Celebrations, Madeleine Pelner Cosman, 1984, Judy Piatkus Ltd of London

Medieval Life and Leisure in the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries, Linda Woolley, 2002, V&A Publications

Medieval Women: A social history of women in England 450-1500, Henrietta Leyser, 2002, Wedenfeld & Nicolson

Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England, Compton Reeves, 1998, Oxford University Press

Shakespeare, Anthony Burgess, 1970, Penguin Books

The Companion to Medieval Society, Franco Cardini, 2012, McGill-Queen’s University Press

The Letters of Queen Elizabeth I, G. B. Harrison, 1968, Funk & Wagnalls

The Elizabethans, A. N. Wilson, 2011, Arrow Books

The Medieval Art of Love, Michael Camille, 1998, Calman & King Ltd.

The Medieval Cookbook: 50 Authentic recipes, translated and adapted for the modern cook, Maggie Black, 2012, The British Museum Press

The Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor & Stuart Britain, John Morrill, 1996, Oxford University Press

The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England, Ian Mortimer, 2009, Vintage Books

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