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I used to sit alone crying at lunch in grade school. Now, I am touched to be part of many different circles of life. However, some eRetailers think people who know me will leave a biased review.

I invite you to see what people say about my books. Granted, some of these folks are “personal connections” but they are of varying degrees. My husband isn’t one of them.

If the reviews don’t convince you, read my free chapters and decide. It’s that simple.

The Queen’s Viper – Historical, Celtic Fantasy

Amazon best seller fantasy, Queen's Viper bestsellerTestimonial

“The Queen’s Viper gives us a complex anti-hero–she is both merciless and compassionate, wields considerable powerful yet relies on her cunning. Don’t look for simple good versus evil here. Mixing modern and historical fantasy, The Queen’s Viper has enough magic, action, scheming and political intrigue for a trilogy.” –Matt Moore, Co-Chair, Ottawa Chiaroscuro Reading Series


“I liked this book from the excellent characters to the way you’re drawn into the story. It’s really interesting to read and you feel like you get to know the characters. Not only that, but they actually develop in entirely different ways than you might think. It’s a book that I would recommend to my friends because of the great development of the plot as well. I’m going to be looking for the second book in this series (and the third) because it really developed well. The Queen’s Viper by Lesley Donaldson will make your list of favorite books. It’s most certainly going to be one of mine.” -Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)

“I particularly enjoyed the ritualism and folklore that Lesley Donaldson developed around the Daoine Tor, borrowing from Celtic mythology and recreating dark druid rites to fit her needs. Viper is a heroine for readers who don’t like heroines, flaunting all the typical traits of goodness, kindness and heart. What Viper does have is a powerful sense of justice, and a ruthless means of achieving her goals that readers cannot fail to be impressed by. I like the fact that this is a thoroughly British novel steeped in well researched history, but also highly amusing and somewhat irreverent in its portrayal of our current monarch. Readers of The Queen’s Viper can expect prophecy, history, magic, and mayhem in a well crafted world full of highly believable characters and drama.” -K.C. Finn

“The fans of Black Dagger Brotherhood would love this series. Granted, it is not as sizzling as the aforementioned series, but the fantastic elements are just as good. The story was captivating right from the get go. You immediately want to know more about Viper and her powers and how they work. This is a unique idea. I don’t think I have ever come across a being like her, and I have read a lot of novels. The story fits well within the genre and allows you to understand it at your own pace. The characters are well developed and I have to say the dialogue was great, giving you exactly what you want from the characters and a feeling of fulfillment. I really loved the story.” -Rabina Tanveer




Screen capture of Amazon Reviews - The Queen's Viper

Screen capture of Amazon Reviews – The Queen’s Viper


Growing a Rainbow: The Premature Journey of a Two Pound Hero – Non-Fiction, memoir, parenting

Growing A Rainbow. A touching and realistic NICU memoir.

Amazon Reviews Growing a Rainbow - screen capture

Amazon Reviews Growing a Rainbow – screen capture